Plan Cremation Services Online Without Leaving Home April 12, 2020

Having the ability to plan cremation services online without leaving the comfort and safety of your home is more important than ever due to the coronavirus.

With the onset of the coronavirus Covid-19, preneed planning online has almost become a necessity. 

Covid-19 Mitigation Methods

Current Covid-19 mitigation methods recommend that funeral directors help families make preneed funeral and cremation arrangements remotely.

At our funeral home, we have years of experience helping people plan funeral and cremation services remotely.  By using our online cremation center, you can prearrange and prepay for cremation services online without leaving the comfort and safety of your home.

Start Planning

You can start planning online by Selecting a Package.  After you select a package, the next step is to Choose a Planning Option.  Are you Planning Ahead or have you just suffered the loss of a loved one?

If you are pre-planning, simply choose Planning Ahead.  If you are in immediate need, please call us first at 412-655-4600 to notify us so that we can prepare to take your loved one into our care.

Proceed with Your Online Arrangements

Proceed with your online arrangements by choosing additional services and merchandise, such as the number of certified copies of the death certificate, obituary assistance, and a cremation urn.

Required Biographical Information

After you are finished selecting the desired arrangements, click on “Add to Cart,” then “Proceed to Checkout.”

After placing your order, you will be asked to enter biographical information about the person for whom the arrangements are being made, such as their name, date of birth, social security number, and address. This is all the information that is required if you are planning ahead for yourself or someone else.  If you do not want to provide a social security number via our online biographical information form, we can obtain it over the phone. 

The information requested on the biographical information form can be entered online in a matter of minutes. We will need it when the time comes to file a death certificate with Vital Records.  If there is something that you don’t know, you can save the form and continue it later by creating an account.

Stay Safe and Healthy

Our online cremation center makes it easier for our funeral directors to gather the necessary information while complying with the recommended guidelines to limit person-to-person interaction during the coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic.

Having the ability to plan cremation services online without leaving the comfort and safety of home will also make it easy for those who have family members in other states.

Many people have family members in other states, and due to travel restrictions and concerns over the virus, everyone might not be able to congregate in one place to make prearrangements for a loved one.

With our years of experience in helping families plan remotely, and with the use of advanced technology, families can share and view documents, such as Pre-Paid Funeral Plans, and various Legal Documents, such as wills, trusts, living directives, powers of attorney, etc.

We Can Help

We are here to help if you have questions about our online cremation center.  Please feel free to contact us.