Family Hospice Memorial Boat Cruise on the Rivers of Pittsburgh August 22, 2019

Pittsburgh river

Family Hospice is holding a Memorial Boat Cruise on Saturday, September 28, where attendees are welcome to join in a breakfast buffet while sailing the rivers of Pittsburgh onboard the Gateway Clipper “Duchess”, before a flower-casting ceremony near the Point.

Coping with the Loss of a Loved One

Every person must cope with the loss of a loved one on his or her own terms. There is no rulebook for how to manage your emotions after suffering a loss, and everyone deals with the grief process in a different way.

We believe that acknowledging grief as a natural and instinctive part of loss is important, and that through the support of friends and family, you can learn and grow as a person through the process.

Finding Comfort Through the Support of Others

It is often comforting to spend time talking with others who have suffered a loss, because they have likely experienced similar emotional and physical responses. They can offer advice on how to cope with these emotions, as well as suggestions for managing changes to daily life, such as adjusting to preparing and eating meals without a loved one, or where to find help with things like taxes and banking. 

Other Resources

We offer a suite of resources for dealing with grief on our website, including a library of online articles written by experts in the field, a grief support group locater, interactive aftercare videos, and daily email affirmations.

We also recommend support provided by an established hospice care network, such as Family Hospice, who understands that though grief is often different for each individual, we can work through it with the support of others.

Tribute Video

If you are interested in cruising aboard the Gateway Clipper “Duchess” in memory of your loved one, contact Family Hospice about the Memorial Boat Cruise on Saturday, September 28, 2019 from 9 A.M. to Noon to register no later than September 6th

Family members are welcome to submit photos of their loved one where they will be shared with others on a tribute video on monitors onboard the boat.

We encourage you to take advantage of resources, such as this cruise, to honor the memory of your loved one.  Most importantly, this cruise may be an opportunity for you to speak with and find comfort in the experiences of others who have also suffered a loss and could provide a valuable source of support for the months and years to come.