Cremation Offers Flexibility When Planning a Memorial Service February 2, 2018

Cremation offers flexibility for families when planning a memorial service. This is something to consider if you have family members living out of town.

A memorial service can be scheduled to occur any time after the cremation occurs.

Some people think that you must schedule everything right away like you do with a traditional funeral service.

With a traditional funeral service, there is typically a visitation and viewing for family and friends.  The visitation, funeral and burial or cremation all occur within a period of about one week to ten days.  Everything happens fast.

These days, most families have someone that lives out of town.  One or more family members will have to promptly schedule a flight or plan a trip by car back to Pittsburgh so that they arrive in time for the visitation and funeral service.

Since a memorial service takes place after the cremation, there is no hurry. It can be scheduled any time.  There is plenty of time for family members to talk about when they would like to have it.  There is more time to coordinate their schedules with one another.  The service can occur a few weeks or a few months after a person passes away.  People don’t have to wait that long but they can.

If the service isn’t scheduled for a week or two, families have more time to get photos and other items, such as memorabilia, music selections, etc., ready for the visitation and service.

Maybe you’re thinking, “What visitation?  I thought you only had a visitation with a casket and viewing.”

You can still have a visitation for family and friends for some period before the memorial service.  This can all be on the same day or over a period of two days; one day for the visitation and the next day for the service.

Cremation offers more flexibility for families when planning a service afterward because there is no hurry to schedule the service.  People have more time to make it back to Pittsburgh and there is more time for loved ones to design a completely one of a kind tribute.

Our Cremation with Memorial Service Package offers the flexibility to join with family and friends at our funeral home or some other special location.  A catered luncheon can also be arranged for your convenience by our staff.