Planning Online

Plan Cremation Services Online Without Leaving Home

Having the ability to plan cremation services online without leaving the comfort and safety of your home is more important than ever due to the coronavirus. With the onset of the coronavirus Covid-19, preneed planning online has almost become a necessity.  Covid-19 Mitigation Methods Current Covid-19 mitigation methods recommend that…...

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Cremation Pre-Planning in Pittsburgh

We have been helping Pittsburgh families with cremation pre-planning for many years.  Find out why pre-planning a cremation is something that many people choose to do. Protecting Your Loved Ones There are many reasons for pre-planning a cremation.  One of the most important reasons is to spare your loved ones…...

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Cremation Cost in Pittsburgh

The cremation cost in Pittsburgh depends on whether you choose a simple cremation package with or without a viewing and service before or after the cremation.  You may also choose other items, such as cremation urns and memorial jewelry Cremation Packages Pittsburgh families can now make complete arrangements for a…...

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What to Do After Pre-Planning Your Cremation

In this article, we’ll discuss one of the most important things to do after pre-planning your cremation. There’s no question that planning ahead can make all the difference to your family.  Pre-planning your funeral or cremation should be a natural part of life because it provides you with the time…...

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Online Cremation Services from a Trusted Local Family Business

Online Cremation Services Our new cremation center was designed to give families an affordable cost cremation option from a trusted local family owned business. Making your own selections online for cremation services is convenient and can also lower the cost.  But it’s very important to know something about the firm…...

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New Online Cremation Center in Pittsburgh Makes Planning Easy

A new online cremation center in Pittsburgh makes planning easy by providing multiple resources to help you select cremation services and merchandise online. Select and purchase cremation services and merchandise online at your convenience and in the comfort of your own home. At Your Convenience When you plan online, you can…...

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