Low Cost Cremation Services in Pittsburgh for One Inclusive Price

When comparing cremation services in Pittsburgh, you may see low cost cremation services advertised on the internet for one inclusive price. Today’s most educated shoppers are well-versed in comparison shopping, especially when comparing services online. Though it can be tempting to always seek out the lowest price that you can…...

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What to Do After Pre-Planning Your Cremation

In this article, we’ll discuss one of the most important things to do after pre-planning your cremation. There’s no question that planning ahead can make all the difference to your family.  Pre-planning your funeral or cremation should be a natural part of life because it provides you with the time…...

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Who Can Authorize Cremation in Pennsylvania?

Who can authorize cremation in Pennsylvania?  A new law changed part of the right to disposition law in Pennsylvania to allow for majority rule. When someone desires cremation as a method of disposition, it’s important to consider the legal progression for complying with their wishes after death. Legal Next of…...

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How to Transport Your Loved One’s Ashes on a Plane

If you plan on traveling with your loved one’s ashes, here are three helpful tips for flying with cremated remains. We often talk with families who have suffered a loss about what they plan to do with their loved one’s ashes. With cremation relieving some of the time constraints of…...

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What to do When Someone Dies in Pittsburgh

Here is a list of things to consider, what you will need to do, and who to contact after a loved one dies in Pittsburgh. For most people, the loss of a loved one is a very traumatic event.  Whether a death is sudden and unexpected or the result of…...

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