Cremation Packages

Cremation Cost in Pittsburgh

The cremation cost in Pittsburgh depends on whether you choose a simple cremation package with or without a viewing and service before or after the cremation.  You may also choose other items, such as cremation urns and memorial jewelry Cremation Packages Pittsburgh families can now make complete arrangements for a…...

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Cremation Offers Flexibility When Planning a Memorial Service

Cremation offers flexibility for families when planning a memorial service. This is something to consider if you have family members living out of town. A memorial service can be scheduled to occur any time after the cremation occurs. Some people think that you must schedule everything right away like you…...

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New Online Cremation Center in Pittsburgh Makes Planning Easy

A new online cremation center in Pittsburgh makes planning easy by providing multiple resources to help you select cremation services and merchandise online. Select and purchase cremation services and merchandise online at your convenience and in the comfort of your own home. At Your Convenience When you plan online, you can…...

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