Choosing Low Cost Cremation Services in Pittsburgh

Do not choose cremation services in Pittsburgh based solely on low price. Instead, choose a firm that is focused on integrity, high cremation standards, and not low cost. When you decide to make your cremation arrangements in Pittsburgh, other factors pertaining to the cremation provider are far more important than price.…...

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How to Transport Your Loved One’s Ashes on a Plane

If you plan on traveling with your loved one’s ashes, here are three helpful tips for flying with cremated remains. We often talk with families who have suffered a loss about what they plan to do with their loved one’s ashes. With cremation relieving some of the time constraints of…...

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How to Choose a Cremation Urn

Part of the cremation planning process involves selecting a suitable urn for the ashes.  Here are four things that you must know before buying a cremation urn. What Are You Planning To Do With the Ashes? Much will depend on your plans for the ashes.  For example, if you plan…...

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Online Cremation Services from a Trusted Local Family Business

Online Cremation Services Our new cremation center was designed to give families an affordable cost cremation option from a trusted local family owned business. Making your own selections online for cremation services is convenient and can also lower the cost.  But it’s very important to know something about the firm…...

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Cremation Offers Flexibility When Planning a Memorial Service

Cremation offers flexibility for families when planning a memorial service. This is something to consider if you have family members living out of town. A memorial service can be scheduled to occur any time after the cremation occurs. Some people think that you must schedule everything right away like you…...

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