How to Make Your Cremation Wishes Known

Trying to find out if someone prepaid for funeral or cremation services can be stressful, especially if they are no longer able to tell you.  Maybe they can’t tell you because of a recent illness, injury, or due to the gradual loss of their memory.  Sometimes, people even pass away…...

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How Does a Funeral Trust Work

With a funeral trust, you can set aside funds now to cover future funeral and burial or cremation costs later. You can also make choices in advance about the type of service that you prefer. How Much to Set Aside? How much you set aside to fund your plan depends…...

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What to do When Someone Dies in Pittsburgh

Here is a list of things to consider, what you will need to do, and who to contact after a loved one dies in Pittsburgh. For most people, the loss of a loved one is a very traumatic event.  Whether a death is sudden and unexpected or the result of…...

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Why You Should Plan Ahead

Today, more and more people are pre-planning cremation services. We believe that making arrangements prior to the actual need is a wise decision. Pre-planning should be a natural part of life because it provides you with the time to make decisions in a calm and rational atmosphere. You have many…...

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New Online Cremation Center in Pittsburgh Makes Planning Easy

A new online cremation center in Pittsburgh makes planning easy by providing multiple resources to help you select cremation services and merchandise online. Select and purchase cremation services and merchandise online at your convenience and in the comfort of your own home. At Your Convenience When you plan online, you can…...

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